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Question 1

How does your Seller Financing Program work?

Instead of going to a bank, New Beginning Homes LLC provides your financing under a Land Contract Agreement, thus avoiding some of the more strict qualifying standards used by banks today.  We typically provide financing for up to 5 years, and work with you during this time to help you obtain longer term bank financing. (Refer to our "Seller Financing" page for more information).

Question 2

In your Seller Financing Program, who receives the tax deduction for interest payments and property tax payments?

You do.  Depending on your income, this can greatly reduce your overall tax burden, and can increase your annual tax refund.

Question 3

During the seller-financed term, can I make changes or improvements to the house?

You will have legal control of the property, and can make any changes you desire, subject to local building codes.

Question 4


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